Going Back to Day One

And the journey begins…

End of March, early April, I started to get this weird feeling about being pregnant again. (I had a cryptic pregnancy a couple years ago but never knew what exactly was going on.) I started panicking a little because of how traumatizing the pregnancy was for me before and didn’t want to go through that again. I had recently started working on my relationship with God so I immediately started praying. I said “God please if I’m pregnant please let me feel the baby move,” I felt the baby move… I still couldn’t believe it… so I said “God I need another sign…” on the TV Joyce Meyer was speaking, as soon as I prayed that I heard “Sarah will bare a child” I started laughing as a way to express disbelief… I needed another sign… “God if I’m pregnant please let Rebecca feel the baby move.”

I immediately called my friend Rebecca and told her I was coming over. When I got there I told her everything that was going on. I told her to feel my stomach. As soon as she felt it we both looked at each other, the baby moved. (Prayer answered) I kind of went into a daze at this point because my brain was trying to comprehend everything that was going on in the moment, what was going to happen, what had happened, etc all of a sudden the Holy Spirit came over me and said “everything is going to be okay” and I started sobbing.

I went home still in disbelief and yet again asked God for another sign. Another woman was preaching on tv and said “Sarah will bare a child” which became a confirmation for me that I will bare a child.

Although I asked God for sign after sign, the fact I had just recently renewed my faith I didn’t feel I could trust those signs were from him. What if the devil was trying to manipulate me? What if I believe it and it never happens? What if I believe I am pregnant and lose the baby? What if God doesn’t keep His promise?

I was still such a new Christian I didn’t know how God worked. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my journey, because these questions were exactly what I needed to learn.

I have asked God for many signs and as you read on you will see how He is always faithful.



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