Telling my grandpa became very important to me. My grandmother knew. Her and I are very close. She is a mother to me. They are buried in the Word every day, are very much a part of the church, missionaries, and anything else that calls them to serve.

I needed his approval. I felt like because my grandparents are so close to the Lord they would have more clear discernment. I kept wanting to make sure I wasn’t lying to myself or believing things that weren’t true. They know Gods nature better than I do.

The news was shared with my grandfather. I wanted to make sure he understood the nature of my pregnancy though. I told him what you already know. His response, “Praise God!”

As we were talking, he mentioned his mother didn’t show in her first pregnancy. He said she had no stomach. No one believed she was pregnant. The only child this happened with was my grandfather. The first child. He said it didn’t happen with the other three children she had.

I wish she was still alive. I would have loved to hear what happened to her. I never knew about this until now. Here is a photo of her right after she had my grandfather:



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