The Dream

I had a dream one night I was in a courtroom. I knew the people around me were only interested in destroying me. I felt the fear and pressure of what they wanted to do to me if I did not go along with them. They wanted me to act like everything I had gone through was a lie and make up these other reasons why I was going through what I was going through. They wanted me to deny God.

I could either go along with what they wanted me to do or I could trust in God and what he has revealed to me. I had a choice to make. I  chose to trust in God. As soon as I made that decision, I had no fear. I knew that as long as I continued to trust in God he would direct my path.

I find that I want to tell myself oh it could be this… it could be that, but end up redirecting my thinking. No! This is happening for a reason. God has been faithful giving me revelation, confirmation, and encouragement. I will trust in God. I will stand up for what I believe. The fact my belief has become stronger shows me God has been present. Trusting in God is the only option.



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