The Drop

My grandparents needed a new fridge. The one they used for their extra food broke. My father had a brand new one in storage and offered to give it to them.

Him and I picked it up. When we got home he needed a little help getting it into the garage. My grandpa was out and we were definitely not going to have my grandma try!

The only option was me. I knew I shouldn’t lift it, but I didn’t think anything would happen.

I was at the bottom, putting me in a squatting down position and exerting some pressure. The fridge was not light. I felt a huge drop in my stomach when I was in that position and lifting. I stopped immediately after I felt it.

The appearance of my stomach has not been the same since that day. Some times my stomach is bigger, then medium, then small, it’s all over.

I don’t have the answer as to why my stomach is this way. The appearance of my stomach is one the hardest parts for me to deal with. I am such a visual person and so are so many other people.

The other day I was at work. A girl who worked there was talking to a customer. The customer was an older lady. She didn’t realize the girl she was talking with was the same girl she was talking about from the last time she brought a lasagna in. She referred to her as the pregnant girl. After the lady left, the girl said to me, “that pregnant girl she was talking about was me.” My co-worker didn’t know about what I am going through, but I found it interesting how someone who wasn’t pregnant could so easily be referred to as pregnant just because she has a stomach.

This experience goes far beyond what I look like.



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