With A Fast Comes A Journal

Everyone was telling me I needed to get a journal. I was going to go out and get one, but I waited. I had heard about fasting and decided to try it for my pregnancy. I asked for revelation and of course more confirmation that I am pregnant.

The Holy Spirit had put on my heart to reorganize my grandparents bookcase. I spent the day pulling out books, categorizing them by subject, dusting, then putting them back. The work felt like a lot to me. You would understand if you knew how many books my grandparents have and how big their bookcase is. I was questioning if I wanted to continue for a second day.

The Holy Spirit urged me to continue. As I am cleaning the second part of the bookcase I found a journal. The journal was brand new! Never been opened. Made out of wood! It was the most gorgeous journal I had ever seen. The fact I found a journal in my grandmothers bookcase could be coincidental, but she never kept gifts in her bookcase. She has a special room for that. I asked my grandmother if I could keep the journal. She of course said yes. I opened it up and on the inside of the journal there it was… the verse God spoke to me…  Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. At that moment I knew God had placed that journal there just for me.




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