Ups and Downs

I have had times when I felt like God wasn’t there. I felt like He had forsaken me.

Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. God where are you?

Women going through pregnancy get reassurance the entire way. They get updates on how their little one is doing. They get a due date. If they do end up going beyond their given due date. The doctors can intervene. They have a hand on their experience.

The women who share their Cryptic Pregnancy experience (and were aware they were pregnant) report being pregnant for 47 weeks, a year, a year and a half and so on. There is just so much uncertainty, so many unanswered questions, so many things that don’t make sense. I don’t know what to tell people when they ask me questions, because I don’t know myself. We don’t get the same reassurance or the feeling of certainty like other women do.

I have prayed, “God please just take my life. I just want this to be over.” Its during the times when I try to figure things out, demand answers, and am at my whits end that I have to completely surrender myself to God, let go of it all, and trust Him.

A year and a half ago this bracelet found its way to me. I didn’t think much of this bracelet then. I wasn’t going through a Cryptic Pregnancy, but something about it made it very important to me.

The bracelet says Worth Waiting For…

Worth Waiting For.jpg

*Check out my links page to watch/read testimonials from women who have gone through these pregnancies.


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