Medical Personnel

Have you gone to the Doctors? Have you seeked help from medical professionals?

Let me explain how things work. Whether this originated from Obamacare or what IDK BUT… What I can say is the law in FL states if you do not test positive on a pregnancy test you do not qualify for state medical insurance.

I cannot afford any type of insurance right now. That is just my life situation.

In order to obtain medical insurance while pregnant, you must test positive on a pregnancy test. (Again if you do not know what a Cryptic Pregnancy is go to my Home page)

I do not test positive therefore the instructions given to me are… either go to a center that will blood test you for cheap… or go to the ER… again I will not test positive…. it is what it is… so…

The instructions from that point are.. go to the ER… The ER has told me … We are trained to handle emergency situations… They are not specialists nor do they have the time to sit there and investigate what is going on with me. I get it, that’s cool. Id rather not stack up unnecessary medical bills.

Majority if not all of the time, if I do not test positive I am MEDICALLY not pregnant. No ands if, buts or ORS. That’s it. If I say anything that goes against that they begin to treat me like I should be admitted to the psych unit on the highest level… Why do they put Psych patients on the highest level… I do not know… that’s the best place to jump.

When a Doctor dismisses my feelings and concerns, getting help begins to feel more like continual discouragement. I become more depressed with my situation, feelings of hopelessness shooting from left to right. Why? Because they don’t agree with me? NO because they dismiss what I am saying and feeling altogether…

What do they say when a woman has her baby after going through a CP? its some kind of phenomena… They just don’t understand… A Cryptic Pregnancy goes against all understanding.

I wish more Doctors were open to studying these kinds of pregnancy than dismissing them and the women experiencing them, because then everyone could learn more about them not just the women going through them. Because YES it is a real thing and women going through them do not get the same respect as other pregnant women that they so deserve.


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