What does this really mean? Like let’s break this down because sometimes the full understanding of something really needs meditation.

Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

I need to see this in the New Living Translation Version –


Okay put on the brakes because seriously. What does God do with the people who think to much?

Let me tell you… when I’m asked to do something that is going to alter the rest of my life I’m like hold on, let me get this straight. You want me to trust in what you are saying to me, have confidence it is going to happen even though by human standards it’s impossible, and have faith in it even though everything we use to test reads negative all while hoping it does happens and believing it will yet have no idea when but it’s okay because I’m supposed to trust in you and have faith it will happen…

this is truly going to be a transformation.

I just recently started a job at a furniture store. It works because it’s part time and I’m working with another company part time that will give me the benefit to work from home. I have always wanted to do that. Well, I’ve never worked in a furniture store before. I know nothing about furniture, pricing and to add to that they don’t mark anything. No name. No price tag. My job instantly becomes more difficult.

Anyway, a lady comes in and tells me she’s a retailer and is looking to buy a lot of furniture. I spoke with her, got information she needed, and walked around with her while keeping track of what she wanted. Towards the end I was writing everything down and getting prices from the girl who has worked there for a long time. She saw how much furniture this woman was buying. As I’m asking her what kind of deal we could give her since I’m new and don’t want to rip her off she takes over my deal.

I have been saving up for things I need so that sale meant a lot to me. I did a pretty good job at not reacting to it because I told myself. She must really need the money. God will take care of me. Sometimes He blesses us in ways that aren’t dollar bills. He will take care me. I just kept telling myself that.

Later on, after I left, it really started to bother me because I have been working so hard and struggling for close to a year now. Lord, why do you allow things like this to happen? How can I trust in you and have faith things will get better when things are taken right from under me?

Little do I know He is working in the background. It was one thing after the next. I remained positive though. God worked things out for me to get my Jeep back. I have been praying for a car for months. He finally answered my prayer. Not only did I get my car back but I was also told not to worry about paying for it.

God is good. 🙏🏼


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