Days like These

I’m beside myself. I don’t want to believe in something that may not be true. I have been praying lately. God if I’m still pregnant with this Cryptic Pregnancy please speak to me.

I do not feel pregnant. I haven’t felt any movement lately that couldn’t be dismissed as something else. If I’m not pregnant I want to move on with my life.

I’m asking anyone who is reading this to please pray for me. Please pray for revelation and deliverance for me. I pray if I am still pregnant please give me a sign that not only reveals truth to me but also all those who are following me. I can’t do this alone and sometimes I feel like I am.

I have been tested before so I will not fall into the devils snare. I do believe this is all happening for a reason. I will not give up just because I have not SEEN what I want to see. My trust is in you Lord. I believe everything will make sense in your time. Please give me mercy and grace. Lift this burden. I ask you now for reassurance, revelation of the truth, and a sign baby is still with me, that I have not miscarried.

If you said I will bare a child, I believe I will have a baby and not miscarry. My heart is weary. Thank you for this experience of a Cryptic Pregnancy. Thank you for the changes it has brought to my life. Thank you for working in my life. Please give me the patience to wait for what you already have planned for your will for my life.

I love you Lord and am trusting in you.


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