God is truly AMAZING! 

Struggle, struggle, struggle then some confirmation.

God doesn’t always give me the exact confirmation I want when I want it, but he will speak to me in other ways.

I was going for a run the other night and all of a sudden this song came on…

earlier that day i confided in a friend. i told her “i am ready to give up. i just cant do this anymore. The thing is my faith lies in this pregnancy. i believe everything that happened has happened for a reason. Im just tired of waiting. Im ready for the baby to be here now. My mind is telling me all these things.”

i sent her the song when i heard it..

Patience is such a struggle for me. It’s like a domino effect because when things take to long I begin to doubt. When I doubt I lose trust in God. When I lose trust in God I start to lose faith in my situation. 

I have this prayer I read when I’m really feeling down, it’s called the Trench Prayer. I had been reading it for a long time now. I had to move my room into the garage. I found the same prayer in these papers that were there. I put it aside for me because I figured I’d give one to someone else who may need it. 

Last night I read the new one and something struck me. Everything is the same except one part. I highlighted the part that is different… 

Here is the one I’ve been reading for a while now.. 

Here is the new one.. 

I am thankful for these confirmations. I know You have a plan. Please give me the tools I need to fulfill Your purpose. 


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