Each month I get an auto-shipment from It Works to try new products since I recently became a Distributor. I really enjoy trying their products and learning about them. 

Tonight, I was looking into products to change my order for this coming shipment. I went to Pinterest first and typed in It Works products safe during pregnancy and came across this photo that showed HGH is safe to take during pregnancy… Our HGH supplement is called New You. 

I decided to do more research on google just because I was shocked a hormone like that would be safe during pregnancy. 

I go to webMD.com via google look up and find something very interesting. 

Here is a post I shared on my Facebook Group Cryptic Pregnancy Support Group

I will be doing more research before making this decision and praying as well, but maybe this may be part of the reason why these babies grow the way they do?

I can’t say for sure but it’s obviously a big enough factor to state as a bullet point on WebMD.com. 


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