I am going to name my baby Ryan. I have chosen to give him the middle name Nathaniel meaning gift from God. 

I feel in honor of Gods gift to me I will give him that middle name. 

I got a devotional by Joel Osteen (of course) and signed up for this 21 day devotional called 21 Days to a Breakthrough.

They are ON POINT! Literally! 

My Dad calls it check points. So many things that are going on in my life are being answered in these devotionals. I love it. 

Everyone has been asking me, have you had your baby yet? I’m so ready. I wish I could tell them yes. 

I have been getting more pain (down there) but I was told by a previously pregnant woman that the pain is more in the lower stomach and back like period cramps. I have gotten a little of that but mine are mostly in my whoha. Like sharp pains. IDK. 

I kinda just note these things but put them in the back of my mind since I don’t know when anything is going to take place. 

I’m getting better. Every time I begin to get frustrated or feel defeated I stand up and say no. This IS a battle. It’s time for me to take a stand. 

I will trust in God. The baby will come in Gods timing. Labor will come in Gods timing. I will look back one day and understand what he is doing. 

This is the wallpaper on my phone right now… 

This verse really encourages me right now. 


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