So Excited!

Last night I had big enough movements to make my heart drop. 

Today I felt either an elbow, arm, leg, knee, or something hit against my hand. It was so big!!! I went and asked my grandma to feel. She felt Him too. She said he is getting in position. I feel something may happen soon. 

Waiting on the Lord. ❤️


2 thoughts on “So Excited!

  1. i swear i felt a poke on my palm feeling my GF yesterday. We can’t figure out when the conception could have been, it’s highly inconclusive and we can’t pass HPT. it would seem like we have just succeeded this cycle, saw some implantation bleeding, but that makes little sense either because of the overall timing. if so, it would mean bleeding observed before that in the middle of march was not actually a cycle reset and the current potential future child might have been conceived earlier in march or feb.


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