A family member was trying some vitamins. She said to me she wasn’t sure if she would add diet and exercise when taking it to see if the vitamin alone works. 

I was thinking today, that’s how I feel about God. My prayer to him a long time ago was “God, do something in my life I know only you could do.” 

I feel like the vitamin is God for me. I want something I know only God can do. People tell me all the time and I see it every day. As long as you work hard you’ll be successful and I know that whether or not a person believes in God. To me, seeing unpresidented favor is God. Seeing relationships that seemed over completely turn into something brand new is God. A child being born after a year and 2 weeks of being pregnant is God. 

I’m tired of praying. Now I’m choosing to wait. This is up to God. I am now just going to wait to see what happens. 


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