I hear all the time from pastors… sometimes a person will miss their destiny. I do not believe that. I believe you’re life is predestined. I believe each person was created for a purpose. 

You hear everything happens for a reason so if that’s the case how can a person miss their destiny? Who is to say it was that persons destiny when no one can say it was if it didn’t happen. 

If Gods will be done and that is your destiny then their must be some kind of “hidden power” that is in control of the circumstances of your life. 

I say this because I can imagine the way a person would feel if they were told they “missed their destiny.” The guilt, regret, questions, misunderstanding, confusion etc that statement would create. Those feelings are not of God. How would God allow a person to miss their destiny when He is the master of circumstances? 

A persons judgement is only as good as God allows it to be. I believe if a person has a destiny to complete God will step in and line everything up for them. Not saying it will be easy but I’m saying it will be fulfilled.

If a person is meant to do something it will happen. God wants us to be confident. How can we be confident if we sit here with our human knowledge and try to make decisions based on uncertain information? 

I suppose that’s when we trust in the decisions we make. If we did what we are supposed to do (pray, talk with God, hand Him our worries etc) how long do we sit and wait? It says God works through opportunity… so do we dismiss opportunities because we haven’t heard from God yet? 

If God wants me to believe give me something to believe in. 

If God wants me to trust then be there for me when I NEED you. 

If God wants me to have faith then guide me to the truth. 

Coming from a state of depression there isnt much hope. If God loves me enough to do this for me (knowing how I am etc) He would provide everything I need to fulfill His will. 

So I do not believe people can miss their destiny. So if anyone has ever said that to you then you don’t deserve that burden and it isn’t true. If you have a destiny then it will be fulfilled because you were created for a purpose. ❤️


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