Things of the Flesh

When I first started I always felt insecure because I wasn’t used to the new way of being. Change is a process and it’s hard to know exactly what’s meant to be done.

The only way I felt like my prayers were working was by reading ones that were written by other people. The words seemed to flow and have power in them. The point was that I believed in them. 

The other day I was reading a prayer in a spiritual warefare panflit. The prayer was to be filled with the Holy Spirit, in the prayer it mentioned not desiring the things of the flesh. Wanting things of the flesh is wanting what you want not what God wants. I took a moment to reflect on that. 

Is what I’m going through now just something I want from the flesh? I don’t believe so BECAUSE of the confirmations I have received (and often forget about). There have been so many times when i felt confused if I was going after Gods will. 

Going after Gods will is important to me. I’ll get frustrated when things haven’t happened, things don’t make sense (my fault for trying to figure them out instead of trusting), and I’m feeling like I don’t know what to do. 

God always comes through though. I have been learning I need to trust in that. Many times I have felt forsaken because I haven’t received an answer, I’m impatient, and confused. God is faithful. He will guide you and be there. He has always been we just have to learn to trust Him. 

See God doesn’t change and as I’m writing this I’m realizing I’m seeing that. He has been there for me even when I felt He wasn’t. He has answered my prayers and supplied my needs even when I felt He hadn’t. He does all these things it’s just in His timing. Learning to have the patience to wait is the challenge. 

What do you do when God hasn’t fulfilled His promise yet? You wait. Pray. Fast. Improve yourself. Take care of yourself. Read the Bible. Seek God. Seek Counsel. And do what He instructs you to do. 

When I reflected on that prayer I prayed to God to remove anything I may want that Is of the fleshly nature. 

Today I decided to write a prayer of my own. Here it is: 

God, I come before you in Jesus name. I want what you want for me. Please remove anything and everything standing in the way that would cause me to go after my fleshing desires. I know you want what’s best for me and what you want is best for me. 

Thank you God for working in my life and using circumstances and situations to fulfill your will for me. Thank you God for renewing my mind to your perspective. Thank you for forgiving me for my mistakes, sins, and weaknesses that at times get the best of me. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to guide me. 
I ask for the veils to be lifted and revelation to come in all areas needed to see your will with clarity. I proclaim that anything that blinds me from your perfect will has been removed. I proclaim that all fleshly habits and thought processes are no longer a part of me. I proclaim that the spirit of pride in me is broken and removed. 
I ask to be given the resources, responses, and attitudes I need to fulfill your will and stay in your will. I ask that each and every step I take, word I speak, and action I make is of you. 
Thank you God for sending your son to die on the cross for my sins. Amen. 


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