My prayer in a picture 

As I’ve stated before, my prayer has been “God do something in my life I know only you can do.” Seeing my prayer put into a picture I found online gives me happy feelings. 

I love seeing things reiterated in words by someone else that I relate to. Knowing that someone else has had the same thoughts and understands is comforting. 

I hope my experience reaches others who have gone through the same thing or something similar. Maybe not a Cryptic pregnancy or a pregnancy at all, but maybe a mystery God has placed in your life. ❤️

Here is the picture! 

People have said to me, how do you know it’s not the devil that’s making you believe this. You should be at total peace (without them ever going through an experience like this.)

Here’s the thing though. I can get off medication on my own. I can get a new job, find a new place to live, and work towards other things on my own… this experience takes God. So despite the difficulty I have faced I am truly thankful for going through this. Everything happens for a reason. 

God has created this mystery in my life because He knows me. He knows what I need and is answering my prayer. I’m not going to let anyone take that away from me. 


4 thoughts on “My prayer in a picture 

  1. “People have said to me, how do you know it’s not the devil that’s making you believe this. You should be at total peace (without them ever going through an experience like this.)”

    This part reminds me of what I think God told me the other day while I was trying to listen, “Many would not believe”, concerning me generally telling people that I know what I’m going through. The experience that some of us women are going through is totally against what we are taught by the medical field. Before we become adults we’re taught pregnancy is 9 months, a test always proves pregnancy, a woman’s body begins to look a certain way, etc. The medical field is a like a giant in certain ways in that if something doesn’t fit the textbook definition or follow a certain formula then there’s something else going on. Then our logic kicks in sometimes on top of that thinking how these experiences don’t make any sense , are we holding on to something that’s not real, etc. So in addition to all of this, having people who know us personally not believing the experience is real just adds to the voices.

    We have to hold on to whatever God has told us and shown us. It’s really all we have. We are being taught to trust God when it doesn’t make sense to not only us but people in our lives. There are going to be instances in the future when God will tell us something that doesn’t make sense and we need to trust Him without our reasoning getting in the way. I believe that this is preparation for us to get to a place of high trust in God.

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    1. Wow, you couldn’t have had better timing. God has been using you to reach me and I want to let you know that. This was just the reminder I needed at this very moment. You’re right. This experience is forming a close relationship with God and that will include solid trust and faith. Something that had been foreign to me. Thank you for reaching out to me. It’s times like these that push me forward. I appreciate you ❤️


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