Cryptic Pregnancy Side

I’ve talked a lot about the spiritual warfare side of this experience. I was told to make sure to write down what God has revealed to me so I can look back on it during times I’m feeling weary. 

So here is the revelation God has given me:

1. He has allowed other people to feel the baby move on the outside.

2. He gave me two scriptures Hebrews11:1 and Proverbs 3:5

3. He gave me a video of movement I can see from the outside

4. He gave me a journal that I found in our bookcase behind a plethora of books that had Hebrews 11:1 as the referenced verse when everyone was telling me to get a journal.

5. He revealed to me that my great grandmother went through a Cryptic Pregnancy and gave me a picture of her with my grandfather 

6. He spoke to me through Robert Morris video called Frequency reminding me I am estrogen dominant so needed to start taking progesterone and what can happen if your hormones aren’t at the right level (which has made a huge difference)

Those are some of the things that I remember right away. Here are some physiological things that have happened that reassure me I’m still pregnant:

1. I have had 2 incidents where I lost total feeling in my legs. I was unable to walk and could only use my arms to support myself. 

2. I felt a HUGE drop when I was squatting down to help my dad lift a fridge.

3. I can feel movement on the outside on my hand. 

4. Excruciating pain in my lower parts. 

Random things that have happened that make sense when looking back:

1. A support group for Cryptic Pregnancies was handed over to me. 

2. Whenever I am ready to give up something very profound happens to keep me going. A song, sermon, a friend calls, something happens that speaks to me in such a specific, exact way in which I am feeling. 

These are just some of the things that I hold on to that keep me going. 

The areas I need revelation/understanding in:

  • The length of these Pregnancies
  • Getting direct obvious answers to questions, not things I can put my own ideas into. 
  • Breakthrough, why are there not substantial results? 

I want to be a good example for others to come to Christ, but right now I need His help in doing so because I do not feel my life is a good representation of one. 

I’m asking God show others what you can do in my life so I can be a testimony, not just a wish or hope.


2 thoughts on “Cryptic Pregnancy Side

  1. You seem to be in a better place than last week. It always helps to go back to what you know. Do you have any idea about the length of your great grandma’s pregnancy? I know it might be kind of hard to know that.


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